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Man, growing up sucks. You don't have time to make flash. :(
Feel free to bug me though! xD

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M-m-M's News

Posted by M-m-M - January 10th, 2013


Poo is still a badass


Posted by M-m-M - December 27th, 2012

Well, Unemployed and left by the woman of 6 years, seems I have a LOT of time on my hands.
What's that mean? That means that this series has been nagging at the back of my brain since the last episode was released.
I've got the first scene done, REAAAALLLYY paying attention to animation. That's what I always felt lacked in the series.
This is gonna be a long one :D

I missed newgrounds and all the fans, so here's a taste. I'll work with haste!

What's that smell?

Posted by M-m-M - January 19th, 2011

So after like two years, I finally got the motivation to start Episode 5 of the High Hopes series!!!
What had happened is a hard drive I had with all the high hopes data on it shit out on me :(
But with a decompiler and some motivation, I'm back at it finally... FINALLY! Geez!

Episode 5 finally in production!

Posted by M-m-M - May 31st, 2009

The latest Earthbound High Hopes episode has strait 10's on the reviews :D
I'm glad people like it!
Tell your friends :D

Hell, even watch it again!

Posted by M-m-M - May 23rd, 2009

Two years in the making, and it's finally done.
Now I can stop feeling bad for keeping fans waiting *whew*

Watch it, fav it, and rate 5 :D

Posted by M-m-M - May 22nd, 2009

Earthbound High Hopes Episode 4 is 90% done.
I've decided that instead of having 1, super long episode, I'm going to split it into 2.
It's already like 2:30 minutes long, and I'm getting to a good break point.

Plus, for fucks sake, it's been like 2 years I've been keeping you guys waiting... I'm sorry! :'(

SO! Ep 4, cut shorter, will be released VERY VERY soon!
Ep 5 will start development hours after ep 4 is released! :D

I hope you guys like it! It was a bitch to animate.
... Ok, it was more of a bitch to get myself to do it lol

Posted by M-m-M - May 20th, 2009

Hey Hey Hey!
Summer = Spare time.
Spare time = flash.
Flash = High Hopes.
High Hopes = 45% done!


Posted by M-m-M - March 18th, 2009

So I basically got 6 scenes done.
It's coming along nicely.
Be excited!

Posted by M-m-M - February 23rd, 2008

Oh my, what do we have here?
It looks like a screenshot from a flash.
It looks like what? Earthbound High Hopes Ep 4?

I guess this is the first scene.. ; D

What is this!?

Posted by M-m-M - October 28th, 2007

Ok guys, I still haven't got past the first scene of earthbound highhopes ep 4... I just haven't been in the mood.. Instead I've been working on a new game.. And surprisingly I haven't given up on it yet, and this is week 3! That's seriously the longest I've ever kept something going, here's some screenies..


Basically the game is a sniper game, an art heavy sniper game. I was just sick of seeing that bullshit that you see with every single sniper game. No art, just a friggin' circle you move around and click a guy (button) and win. Any comments?